If going through bankruptcy, you may not have cash, but you still need a car. Prestige Motor Works has helped hundreds of people going through Chapter 7 bankruptcy get the vehicles they need with affordable payments.

Securing a car loan after you file Chapter 7:

Most assets have gone to creditors to repay debts. You won’t likely have enough money to buy a car outright with cash.

  • Consider waiting until after your bankruptcy is discharged. Securing financing is easier once your debts are cleared.

·       If you have been able to keep enough cash during your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, consider using it to purchase an inexpensive car, truck, or SUV without a car loan. This is the easiest way to purchase a vehicle post-bankruptcy.

·       Find a car, truck, or SUV that matches your budget at Prestige Motor Works and visit or call to discuss your options. Our dealership works with lenders equipped to finance you, even if you have credit challenges.

·       If you are in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, we have in-house and Buy Here Pay Here (“BHPH”) financing options to get you driving 1 day after filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy! No Bankruptcy trustee letter or court permission required with the Prestige Motor Works specialty financing program. Drive your new car home today.

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