Inspection, Certification, and Sourcing


Prestige Motor Works adds $1,500 in fees to the price of certified vehicles…Why don’t we wrap those fees into the price so consumers can make an apples-to-apples comparison?


It’s not apples-to-apples…not even close. Brand new vehicles are identical. Used vehicles are unique. Each was treated, stored, and maintained differently. 


Prestige Motor Works

The “Other Guys”

Sourcing and “Freight In”

Vehicles from all over US. The best vehicles and prices. We preview, examine reports, and inspect. No salvage or total loss. Only Clean or “Minor Damage” Carfax.

 Mostly “As-Is” auctions. The cheapest vehicles possible. Rarely examine vehicles before purchase. Mixed vehicle history. Roll the dice.

Inspection, Certification & Reconditioning

6-bay facility with ASE mechanic: Detailed inspection, service, repair and recondition.

Detail it and put a “For Sale” sticker on it.


3-mo./3k mile limited powertrain warranty. Certified vehicles qualify for extended warranties (VSCs).

 “As-Is” - Good luck.


·       We all want the best deals. The best deal on a used vehicle is the best one for the money, not necessarily the cheapest.

·       At retail, what we provide would usually far exceed what we charge.

The Bottom Line: If you can find a better vehicle (year, equipment, mileage, condition) priced less than ours out the door, buy it. 

Purchasing and owning a used vehicle should be trouble-free. Every certified vehicle on our lot has undergone a 121-point inspection and comes with a 3-Month/3,000 Mile Powertrain Warranty. 
Details on Warranty Terms and Coverages

Most certified vehicles are eligible for extended service plans. Purchase your next used vehicle, and don’t worry about a catastrophic engine, transmission, or drivetrain failure!

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