We have had the unique pleasure in partnering with multiple extended

Service Contract and Warranty Carriers in order to provide you with the

right coverage for your vehicle and specific situation. We have warranty

coverage options for all makes, models and types of vehicles. This includes

Commercial, Diesel, Dually’s, and unlimited mileage coverage. Rest assured,

we will help you select the best extended warranty coverage for your

specific vehicle. Every Vehicle on our lot has undergone a full 60 point

inspection and is eligible for our unique Free 3 Month/3,000 Mile Warranty

Plan. Additionally, you can extend Basic Powertrain Warranty Coverage for

up to 36 Months on most vehicles. Call us for additional pricing and


We have a firm belief that the vehicle purchasing and ownership process

should not be a chore or a hassle, but rather owning a used vehicle should

be as trouble-free of an experience as possible. The owners of Prestige

Motor Works do not view warranty sales as an additional profit center, but

rather an added service for our customers. That is why we allow our

customers the unique opportunity to purchase extended service plans at

cost! Imagine buying a used car, and not having to worry about the

catastrophic failure of a major Engine, Transmission, or other Drivetrain

Component? With a Full Powertrain Warranty available on all of our Lease

Vehicles, you are only responsible for basic vehicle maintenance and


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